Tuesday, June 8, 2010


First off, let me start by saying I HATE VIRGINIA! I hate this state so much. I have lived in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and now Virginia and have visited Indiana and North Carolina, Delaware, and PA for an extended period of time and Virginia is the worst! Everything here is backwards from the laws, taxes, and drivers!
People don't know how to drive. They speed up when someone puts their blinker on to prevent them from getting over, they slow down to half the speed limit when they see a cop, even if the cop is on the other side of the interstate pulling someone over and there isn't a chance in hell they are going to get pulled over themselves, they cant merge, they cant drive in traffic, they try to run you off the road, and they are just plain rude. I feel like every-time I get on the interstate I am gambling with my life. Do I need to take out an extra life insurance policy just to drive here?
The people are rude and have no concept of customer service! Every reastraunt I have been to has either gotten my order wrong, had horrible customer service that is rude and nasty, or both. Chick-Fil-A is even rude! How hard is it to get a smile? Be happy you have a job in this economy!
Don't even get my started on the cops and legal system here. Since we moved here we have been pulled over multiple times for ridiculous reasons! Mainly, we have been pulled over for tail lights that are “out” but when we go to replace them they work. So, now we carry around extra lights in the glove box just in case. Once, when coming home from work at 3AM, I was pulled over by a cop that decided to go out of his way to turn around and wait for me while I went through the Taco Bell drive thru. When he came to my window, he informed me that my window tint was too dark. At 3AM, on a dirty window, he ran his meeter checker on my tint and informed me that my tint was at 5%. I thought “there is no way” and checked it later on and it came back as legal. What a douche bag! Then, my husband got a ticket that he paid and because they processed it late, his license was suspended. The ticket was on time but it went into the system late. We have a receipt for this but they wont un-suspend it until he pays them 200 bucks or goes to court and talks to a judge. We have proof of their mistake, why wont they do the right thing?
Then all the taxes! OMG, all the taxes! 11% sales tax! Looking at a receipt from Farm Fresh the other day, I noticed I am paying 2 state taxes at the grocery store. Because Virginia is a commonwealth, they are allowed to make up their own rules. If they wanted, they could say “everyone on Sundays is required to wear a purple hate or you get a ticket” and could enforce it.
There are so many things about this state that irritate me and I could go on forever about them but I wont. Thank goodness we only have 6 months left here and I am hoping that we never have to come back here again. Being a Florida resident is so nice and I am very thankful for the privilege of being able to register my car there instead of in this “commonwealth”.