Thursday, December 16, 2010

Candid Moments

For the past 4 years I have been taking pictures of random happenings and people/furr-people. Over the past year I have toyed with the idea of creating my own photography business and over the past week I have actually started that. I have decided to call my company Candid Moments. I love capturing those special moments that people have or dont even realize they had until they look back at the photography. Anyway, here is the link to my site and fed back would be very welcomed (good or bad). Honesty please, I need the criticism on where I can improve. =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Squid me... Squid who? Squidoo!

"Squidoo is the place for you to create your identity online. It’s a fun and wonderful way of learning at the same time earning. It does publishing services making it easy for writers to create “lenses”online. Lenses are considered as pages wherein everything you know about different topic are being gathered."
Squidmaster Pang put it simply when he stated this....
"A squid is a food.
A squid is a fish.
A squid is an octopus, only tinier with a pointy head.
A squid is.. It is..

What is a squid?

Well, for me, squid is the first word that you would notice when you enter this site. When I first encountered Squidoo, and read what it does, I asked.. Why SQUIDoo?

Have you ever wondered about that or you just thought.. I'll make lots of money here and I'll be famous and I'll be..?
If I didn't see the site, I'd think.. Is this a scam or what? You could say I'm quite judgmental but I'm just actually being cautious. You don't know what could happen to you when you're using the internet.

So, I've been googling for how many hours trying to find the answer to my question. I have visited a lot of squidoo lenses already. The About Us page of Squidoo. (Well, at least I now understand why it's called LENS.)
* hours of searching passed *

I still don't know why it's called SQUIDoo, so I would hypothesize instead.


1.) Squids are fast swimmers. Squids have high level of intelligence. Squids are delicious. Squids are everywhere. Therefore Squidoo is SQUIDoo.

2.) SQUIDoo is actually a secret organization that protects squids and to promote them, they have used them as their sitename. They probably want to confuse people by using SQUIDS.

3.) No other site tried using SQUIDS as their logo or name, making them unique.

Well, of course, they're just hypotheses. I'm still hoping that some knowledgeable lensmaster would see this and answer. I'm still a newbie here and I have visited lenses to know. Google didn't help much either. XP

Overall, Squidoo, weird as its name is, is a fun site. I'm happy I found this.

And if I have become insomaniac with puffy eyes, I blame Squidoo for that. XD

Anyway, I would like to share some interesting facts about SQUIDS, SQUIDOO, and SQUIDWARD.

* Squidward is NOT a squid but rather an octopus. The reason that he has only six tentacles (You won't believe this.), the animators can draw him easily that way. (...)
* Squidoo is like playing a game, interacting, learning, making money, having fun and blogging at the same time. (while expressing your unique ideas and thoughts too. XD)
* If you have noticed, the CAPTCHA used in Squidoo are mostly about squids.
* Squids are believed to be the fastest of all invertebrates in the world. The giant squid is the largest invertebrate in the world.
* Did you know that squids have three hearts? No wonder Squidoo gives so much."

If you are tired of busting your butt to get traffic to your website or blog.  If you are tired of PAYING for that traffic you DO get.  If you are flat out exhausted by all your attempts to rise to the top of Google and other search engines...then Squidoo is for YOU! It is in the top 100 visited sites in the United States. Members of the site can earn from referral/affiliated links to sites. The blogs here that you write are called “lense", making you the "Lensemaster"! Its a place for you to rant and rave and share about latest products, ideas, places, and many other things.
Squidoo lenses get indexed very quickly. It is not uncommon to make a lense and find it in a Google search in less than 72 hours. Other new websites that dont use the services from sites like Squidoo have been known to wait months to feel the love from Google!"

Can Squidoo Help My Online Business? 

"Yes. Yes! and YESSSS!

Do you think free traffic will help your online business?

Do you think more exposure in search engine returns would help your online business?

Do you think dominating your keywords will help your online business?

Do you think making extra money will help your online business?

Ok, then. Point made ;-)"

Now, take a peek at a great Squidoo Lens and see if that kind of extra traffic and exposure could help YOUR business!

In all, I think this is an amazing and wonderful site! I love being able to express my opinions about topics and ideas and items and share them with the world a lot faster than with most "marketing" type sites. This one is legit and free and so easy to use! You can  make a lens in a matter of minutes and get results in less than a few days! I made this lens 4 days ago and I have already have 74 hits as of this morning on it without doing any work other than putting the lens itself together! I'd say thats pretty good, especially seeing that this lens was done very quick and sloppy for my standards.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Swaggers Wanted!!!!!

How many times do you use search for something using a search engine (like google or yahoo)? Maybe you only do it once or twice a day. Or maybe you do it a hundred times. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn prizes while searching? This is exactly why Swagbucks site was created! Hopefully this review will explain everything you want to know about swagbucks. As you search the web using Swagbucks you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks" which are redeemed for prizes. What makes Swagbucks great is that they are constantly updating their site and creating other ways to win great prizes. This means that it is easy for anyone to win. I bet your saying “yeah, that would be great, but what’s the catch?” Here’s some news, there is no catch. Just use swagbucks to do your online searching. The results are pulled right from Google or Ask, so you aren’t missing out! If you go to this site you will get 30 Swagbucks for just signing up! Its free, easy, and super super neat.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viral Flashbacks!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Obsession from the Second Life!

"An artist is nothing without his or her obsessions, and I have mine. "

I have many obsessions. For instance, I love the Beatles. It’s easy, really. Know The Beatles and you know Life. I also love the beach! I love everything about the beach from the sand to the waves, the wild life, and surfing. Jill Davis said it best when she said "The waves of the sea Help me get back to me." I am also, majorly, overly, highly obsessed with coffee. It's one of my stolen pleasures- reliable, comforting, delicious, warm...bliss. I do obsess of over the occasional video game (which is new to me because I grew up at the prissy theatre type). My usual obsession is World of Warcraft but I have put that on the back burner until the new expansion comes out at the end of the year because I have pretty much exhausted all options in the game until then. 
The question came to mind, when I decided to detox from WOW, "What now?". What should I play? What can I do to occupy my time? Then my friend mentioned something about Second Life. He said he had a friend who played and made money in real life being a high priced, high class, escort. Hm..... I could do this! Or at-least something that is respectable that I could earn a little money at. I'm creative! I was a Theatre kid, ya know!
So, I did some research on how to play Second Life, the ends and outs, and then I downloaded! At first I thought the game was annoying because of the lag and some other minor issues. I haven't really played a game where you were thrown into a world and basically told to live. I didn't know what to do. So, I started exploring. Then I realized that there was a whole world! An amazing awesome creative pretty world out there! Yes, I am addicted! I have a new obsession. I guess I should have seen it coming. I love the Sims, and this is basically The Sims Online, except it can be played free. In Second Life I have two major addiction, and they're bad ones. The first one is the slot machine games. I love them! I cant get enough. There are all these "free to play" games and I know I am going to strike out more than I am going to win and its going to waste all my time, but I still do it and I don't know why! Maybe its the thrill of maybe making 100 lindens (which is the form of currency in the game) all at once.... idk. My other obsession in the game is this place called Pal Shake. Its a super awesome community, a lot like facebook, except you can earn credits that can be  transferred into Lindens or buy other things with these credits. When you sign up for the site you get access to the camping chairs in the game that pay you to just sit there, along with a butt load of support. I think the most awesome thing, though, about the site they have is you get credits for everything you do. Every time I make a post, change something, comment, or do anything on the forums, I get credits. In a total of maybe 2.5 hours, I made enough credits that I bought 400 Linden that could be transferred into the game. Its freakin awesome! Like I said, these credits can be used for Amazon gifts cards, gaming credits, and so much  more! This site extends further than Second Life in so many ways! Anyway, this is what I have been doing the past week or so. I have been so addicted to this game I cant even find time to blog. Actually, as we speak, I am camping a chair! If you want to check out this community you can use me as a referral and we both get credits! . If you do play Second Life, or plan on playing, send me a PM... my name is Wynter Requiem.

So, Whats your obsession?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, that an awesome NC education for ya!

"Well, here's something to make your old English teacher gasp in horror: A road contractor hired to paint the word "school" on a freshly paved stretch of road near Southern Guilford High School in North Carolina rendered the traffic area in question a "shcool" zone. But fear not for the (surely confused) youth of Greensboro! The contractor, a company called Traffic Markings, has already corrected the error, the local Fox TV affiliate reports."