Friday, August 6, 2010

Beach days

Ahhh beach days with my boys. Its always fun rescuing little minnows off the beach.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 weeks to die!

I have been having crazy jaw pain for two weeks now. My son thought it would be a blast to ram his huge abnormally hard head into my jaw. Well, three weeks ago I made an appointment to be seen for it. Yes three weeks is how long it took to be seen at my doctor because I see a military doctor because tricare is a nazi crazy health insurance company and if you live in the north US you have to see a military doctor. Well, I made the appointment and decided along with that appointment I would be seen for other odds and ends that have been a small problem. Why not just burn through all the problems in one visit, right? Well, the appointment center woman, who btw was really nice, said everything was set up and I would be seen. So, today I come into the base clinic and wait like cattle being lined up for slaughter and it takes only 10minutes to be called back. WOW, ten minutes. It usually take a hour. I get back to the room and the nurse asks what's wrong and I tell her and she says..."I have you down for jaw pain and nothing else. The doctor is only allowed 15minutes with you. So you are going to have to make another appointment." Wtf? What happened to being able to go to the doctor when you are sick and being able to address other issues too? This is what we are coming to now? I'm am sure Obama would love to see this bc I am sure this is what's going to happen when his damn Obama care nonsense starts. Being hurdled in like cattle, taking numbers, making appointments for the a broken limb that take 2 weeks to be seen, not being respected by your doctor and he not listen to you, being allotted 15 minutes, and being region'd off!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Sometimes Virginia drivers aren't all that bad. I loved this bumper sticker! Its funny how the awesomeness of this lead to a w hour long conversation with my brother in law about brands and logos we could market to people and make a small fortune.