Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hacked! FML!

Okay, I was kinda stupid. Yes, I am not perfect and I messed up so bad. I am usually very very careful about not opening emails that I am not sure who they are from, I don't buy gold or items online for video games, and I am pretty careful about the web pages that I open. I don't want a virus and I don't want my accounts to get hacked. Well, did I mention I was stupid?
I play World of Warcraft pretty often. I have a social life outside and I do things in real life, but I love sitting back at night or on rainy days and playing WOW. I have had the same Female Tauren Hunter with the same name since release. I have spent several several several hours making her amazing. And a few days ago, I just realized how much I actually care about my main 80. A LOT!
I logged on to WOW like I normally do so I could collect my 2000g in auctions that I had and an authenticator code came up for me to put in. “Hmmmm... I didn't purchase one of those” is what came to mind first. Second thing that came to mind was, “check my email”. So, I did and of course I had two emails from blizzard saying that my password had been changed and another saying that my account had been suspended due to activity they knew wasn't me. I had been hacked!
I called blizzard, which seems like a feat itself. You should get an achievement called Rainbow Connection, which will be for actually getting a hold of a person at blizzards phone support. So, after waiting an hour and a half, 50 minutes after the time they told me I would be on hold, I finally got someone. I explained what happened and she explained to me what actually happened. Apparently, an email was sent out to random people in WOW stating some shit like “You have been with WOW forever and you are an honored customer, blah blah, go to our site and put in your application to use the new PTR for Cataclysm.” I was super excited but thought “this has to be too good to be true that its this easy?” I asked someone who is pretty skilled at detecting these things and if they are scams but he didn't give me a full clear answer on what I should do. So, stupidly I took what he did say as it was okay and away I went to log into my account to sign up for the PTR. LOL Big Mistake on my part!
I was able to get back into my account and all my characters are still there except, of course, my hunter! All my gold has been stripped, which I had about 2500gold. Blizzard said it would take up to a week to get her back but they cant promise I will get all my stuff back. If anyone out there is reading this and plays the game, I was in all but 1pc of T10 and the day I logged on was the day I was going to get my last piece. So, hopefully I will get her back intact and I will have my same name. Its not one of those crazy made up names but its an easy name that anyone can think of. YAY me, FML!


  1. Okay...that sucks! It officially sucks.

    I would have a heart attack if someone hacked into my City of Heroes account and deleted my Queen Frigid.

    I played WOW for a bit and I got an email from "Blizzard" saying that my account had been suspended. Odd...I haven't played in years. I guess this is the new fad on scams.

    -Queen Frigid

    PS I found your blog since you follow mine :)

  2. I almost had a heart attack when I found out! They said its going to take atleast a week to fix everything. I have other toons I can lvl up but its like I have lost all motivation to play until its fixed. =( Its like the scamming "industry" has increased since blizzard switched WOW over to battlenet. Now, in order to have a somewhat decently protected account you have to BUY an authenticator tool that gives you a random number each time you sign in that you have to input. Apparently its sent in the mail unless you have a phone capable of supporting the application.

  3. Husband lost gear before and Blizzard gave it back pretty soon if that cheers you up a little. xo

  4. a little. I am going on a trip this week and I am hoping that when I get back it will be here.