Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After School Special

"Okay basically i am 12 and pregnant. my parents are mad but they said that they will help me get through this. they want me to give it up for adoption but i want to keep it. what do i do?! please help, and minor detail they want to meet the father and well i don't know who it is. i was at a party when it happened and we were playing a game where you r blind folded then three people have sex with you and i don't know which one it is?! :( what do i do?!"
Honestly, this makes me sick. How do these kids even know what sex is at 12? Shouldn't they still be playing with Barbies and GI Joe? Whats even worse, where were the parents at this so called parety? These young girls need to realize that babies are not toys. They aren't like little dogs you can dress up and then put away when they're not cute and you're tired. They aren't fit to be a parents because they are still children. I wonder if they realize they can kiss the rest of their school years goodbye. Spending prom night at home because your kid has the chickenpox, getting behind on homework because you were up all night with a crying kid and not to mention the money spent and the friends you will lose. All of their responsibilities will be different and they don't  even realize this. They don't realize that its not going to be all about them anymore and they wont be fine and they wont always be able to go to the movies or hang out with friends because their parents aren't always going to be there to babysit. I personally, know this girl who is 15 with a 1 month old. She decided that she wanted to get pregnant and would stop at nothing to do it. She had sex with a boy in a bathroom across the street from her high school that she barely knows. She lied to him and said she was on birth control and told him it would be fine. She comes from a very conservative household and its a disgrace that she had this baby. Her parents, at first, told her that she would have to give it up for adoption and she proclaimed that she would just go out and get pregnant again! Well, now she has a baby and her parents are helping her as much as they can because they are good people and want the best for the baby that doesn't deserve what he has been brought into. After-all, its not his fault his mother is a fucking moron. This same girl had the nerve to post on face-book not to long ago, “He really needs to grow the fuck up and help take care of his son. I didn't make him on my own so why should i take care of him by myself......and ..GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!”. Now, I am usually all for the father being a part of the kids life and being there and stepping up but this is a different story. In this case, he had no idea she was tricking him and also, HE'S 15 YEARS OLD!!! He doesn't know how to grow up yet. I wish these girls knew how hard it is. I'm 25 years old with a 3 year old and sometimes I think I am too young. I love my son to death and I am happy I have him but its hard raising a child properly, even with the help of my husband. Having to make hard decisions when your child is sick and you have to call out of work but your boss tells you if you call out you are fired. Sitting up all night long hoping a fever comes down. Baby proofing everything and still worrying that you missed something. Making sure they get a proper meal through the day, are taught the right lessons so you can send them off to pre-school, not going out with your friends all the time and even having some not want to come over because your kids had a few meltdowns in front of them.
Today, as a matter of fact, I was taking a shower and I thought my son was in bed asleep and in the time I got into the shower and out, he managed to destroy my house. He tore everything in reach out of the pantry, dumped the garbage can over, peed on my floor (we are potty training), dumped the cat food over, tore his books off the bookshelf in his room, and pulled all his clothes out of his dresser. I have OCD, so this stressed me out a lot. But, these are the things they don't know about. They don't know how hard it is. We need to get the garbage off TV showing how magical and easy it is to have and raise a child and put something else on. We need to teach in schools, again, that sex needs to be saved for when you can handle the emotions and responsibilities of it.


  1. Well, with whole "PC" movement it is hard to teach your children the cold hard truth to life as an adult. I know this because it wasn't too long ago when I learned 'sex ed' in middleschool. They really do not give enough information as to the consequences of ones actuions from having unprotected sex. This is a clear reflection in how our public eduacational system is crumbling. Mexicans for one multiply like cockroaches by the way... and don't get me started on the blacks... Statisically most of them would rather live off of welfare and eat fried chicken while having sex all day..... ignorant maybe... but am i lying....hmmmmm

  2. i am a teen myself,

    I had to write a paper about this in school, and from a teens perspective this sickens me. I grew up on my mothers old Italian morals and beliefs. in Italy it is frowned upon (and you would be shunned) if you ever did something like that. Media, internet and society has tainted this idea of sex and what love is. I feel bad for the teenagers of today, because for most of them they have no sense of these morals and are being born into a world where society has brainwashed them. And what makes me even more upset, is some of the teens in my schools mothers, were also teen mothers and it is their children that are making these horrible decisions, (well most of the time.)

  3. this girl that i know that has a 1month old is oblivious to everything. I talked to her yesterday and she is so happy and thinks its the most amazing thing to be have a baby. I asked her if she is getting any help and she said "yeah, my parents do everything, its wonderful". What happens when they arent there to help her anymore or refuse to? I just want to slap her!

  4. OMG My mouth dropped open when I read this. I was a pregnant teen. I gave my child up for adoption why. why? because I knew someone could raise her better. Her father died 3 days after she was born from a heroin overdose... and if you think I had completely given up that lifestyle, wrong. I was not ready to accept, what I realized was the end of so many things for me... It would have affected everyone in my family. My mother and sister would have been caught in the middle trying to help me care for this fatherless child with a mother who had no means of taking care of herself much less another human being.mindless, thoughtless teens!!!

    and you wont believe the times ive heard that guys have cum inside the girls because they didnt know! or realize it was that easy to get a girl preganant. first thing that needs to happen, education education an education!!! second thing. parents... need to be more involved... I think there are so many young people without the proper guidance right now, what is going on in america!!!its californication;) these kids do not realize their dreams are murderous an useless to our countries future!

  5. Speechless!! I had my daughter at 28 and two years later, I still feel that I was too young. It takes a lot of work.