Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Geek Squad or the Devil!

First, I would like to state, that I love my Android. Its the best phone I have ever owned! Its pretty much a little computer for my pocket that can dial out, do radar detecting, police scanner radio, and brew me a fresh hot cup of coffee every morning! Before my Droid, I was a Palm user. What made me switch from Sprint Palm to Verizon Droid is an entirely different blog for another day but lets just say, 3 weeks ago, I didn't know how much I actually loved my Droid. 3 weeks ago, on June 25th, my Droid started acting up. The battery wouldn't hold a charge unless it was plugged in and the operating system wouldn't load. I was basically getting the black screen of death. Being the smart savvy shopper that I am, 2 months prior to this when I purchased my Droid phone I also purchased the Best Buy phone insurance. It sounded like a great deal. 10 bucks a month for everything being covered (water damage, dropping it, manufacturing error, and freak toilet seat falling from space). What made this deal super awesome was the little cute high-school girl that sold me this phone insurance said that if my phone couldn't be repaired right away I would be provided with a temp. phone at no cost.  So, I took my phone into Geek Squad and after waiting in line for almost an hour to talk to someone, the guy told me that it could take up to 1 month to fix (Strike 1). He assured me, though, it shouldn't take that long; that it usually takes about 2 weeks tops because the repair center is right down the street. Hm mm.... Best Buy doesn't do in store repairs? Okay, so 2 weeks was okay I guess because it needed to be fixed. I asked for my temp. phone and they asked me for a 150.00 deposit for this temp phone! Um mm.... "but the cute little high school girl said I wouldn't have to pay anything for the temp. phone" (Strike 2). Ugh, I left my phone anyway hoping that it would only take the 2 weeks to fix since the repair center is, of course, right down the street. Well, today is the 21st of July and I still don't have my phone. I called them and the girl who answered told me that if my phone doesn't come in by the 28th (the date they promised me it would be back) that they would put in an escalation request for it to be repaired. Um... Strike 3. They are about out! What makes me cringe at this whole thing is, after Best Buy ganked my phone from me, I found out that if I took it into a Verizon repair center I would have got a whole new Droid 2 days later.


  1. Oh no!! I wish I would have known you sooner!! I would have stopped you from going through the Geek Dorks.

    One of my friends built a brand new computer and when he first turned it on, he had the blue screen of death. He took it to Best Buy (after my husband told him to bring the computer here) and he was told that the Operating System had a virus. Well, isn't that odd since my friend had a brand new operating system. He was told that for $150.00, they could install windows for him (mind you, these people were going to use the same disc that they claimed was corrupted). He came to his senses and brought the computer to my house. My husband figured out what the issue was. Trust me, it wasn't what the Geek Dorks said!

    Anyway...I love my Android phone though I have T-Mobile. My warranty covers basic stuff and it is a life safer. My phone has had issues with the speakers and for the second time, I have had it replaced. I call T-Mobile, tell them what the issue is (though I don't recommend you do a factory reset- just like about it!) and they send you the parts you need. It is so fast.

    I am sorry about your phone though :( Can you scream at this people? At least throw something at the manager?

  2. I wish. I think I am going to have to blow up their phone lines until I get a store credit or they call verizon and make verizon give me a credit. I havent used my phone in almost a month and I am still getting charged the 85 bucks a month for it.