Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, that an awesome NC education for ya!

"Well, here's something to make your old English teacher gasp in horror: A road contractor hired to paint the word "school" on a freshly paved stretch of road near Southern Guilford High School in North Carolina rendered the traffic area in question a "shcool" zone. But fear not for the (surely confused) youth of Greensboro! The contractor, a company called Traffic Markings, has already corrected the error, the local Fox TV affiliate reports." 


  1. You stole my idea!!!!!! You beat me to the punch >:) I luagh (done intentionally) everytime I see this picture. It happens

  2. lol Sorry. I laugh because I used to live in SC pretty close to NC and this couldnt be more true! They have some of the lowest scores in the country for education. lol

  3. Haha. That is awesome. The sad thing is the first time I looked at it I didn't see the problem. I thought maybe there was something in the road. My brain...what's left of it...self corrected. But that is really quite ironic.