Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 Ladies, 1 Ham!

So, today I got to suffer. Its wasn't the gym and its wasn't some crazy work thing. No, today I got to experience the Commissary on the first Saturday after Pay Day. The Commissary is the place where every evil, pushy, crazy, mean military wife likes to go to on the weekends. I like to think of it as the Olympics for grocery shopping.... get in, get out, with everything you need in less than 2 hours without getting hurt. Sometimes, the little old ladies there are so picky and crazy that it reminds me of a holiday sale where two women fight over the last ham. Now, I usually do my grocery shopping at the Commissary on the weekdays after 7pm because there are less people there but I wasn't able to make it during the week and we are out of food. So, unless I wanted to come off my diet and eat horribly bad at Taco Bell for the next couple of days, I had to go!
Now, there are four types of people you will run into at the Commissary on the weekend. The old group, the Trashy Group, the Officers Wives, and the "Normie's". The old group, I think is the worst! They think, because they are old, they get to run the whole place. I have respect for my elders, I really do. What I don't respect is an old person who thinks that I have to get down on my knees and kiss their feet. Then don't get me start on how they like to take up the whole isle (that is already small as it is) and they stand in the way, crash their buggies into people, cut you off, and give you nasty looks. 
My second pick are the trashy people. These are usually enlisted people, who will never see anything more than E3 or E4 because they lack motivation and are all around dirt bags and their wives are fat, nasty, and have a lot of kids. And by a lot, I don't mean 3 or 4, but more like 6 and one on the way. They smell, their kids are running all over the store, and they are yelling at them. This one woman was yelling at her kid at the top of her lungs, today. Her kid was just trying to ask her a question and she was saying "SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. WHAT TIL WE GET HOME, YOUR DAD'S GONNA WHOOP YOUR ASS IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!". Holy cow! She needed an ass whooping. There was also this woman who I witnessed walking into the store from her car but later saw her in an electric scooter cart. She got so mad at me when I wouldn't let her by me, as if I shamed someone with a disability. If she was actually disabled, and not obese, I would have been more than happy to let her by. I would have even helped her.  Also, waiting in the check out line, there were two women that were eating their food they had picked out, before it was bought. Now, I am not usually one to judge someone that has opened up chips or cookies while waiting in line, but these women were eating Hawaiian bread, chips, and donuts in the check out line. If they had access to a grill they would have been cooking the hot dogs they were buying. 
Now, onto the Officer's Wives. These women can go either way, but I find, at the commissary on the weekends, they tend to be nasty! And not nasty as in the last group I described, but nasty with their attitudes. They think they can skip in line, push you around and out of the way, and they are just in a bad mood all around. Maybe they are mad because their reserved parking space upfront, that is actually for their husbands to use, was taken when they got to the store? Their attitudes are so bad, I swear, they should just go to Whole Foods and shop there if they don't like the way things are at the Commissary. Then, there are the Normie's. The people that go there, know what they are getting, get out of the way while getting what they want, and then go to the check out line and get out. This is the group I would like to put myself in.
Well, I was able to get everything I needed, except squash, and get out of there in less than 2 hours today. The stress of the commissary is indeed different and I think from now on I will just eat the Taco Bell and chose to relax on the beach!


  1. My goodness, that place sounds like a battle field, and I thought my shopping experience today, (the store is renovating and everything is moved around, not it mention it was rush hour, and the shelves were being built)was bad, but goodness, your place sounds like a living hell! I too am on a healthy eating phase and I dont blame you for considering taco bell, ;)
    *great post!*

  2. Target is like that right now. They are moving everything around and taking things away. Its so confusing and messy. I was used to the way things were there and now its a mess. I couldnt even find Pnut butter because it wasnt by the bread anymore, it was in the chip isle... really? Thats the last place I would ever think to look for it.

  3. I already hate to go grocery shopping and I avoid it for as long as I can. But you can guarantee that if I had to go there...I think I would just eat grass. Yikes!!

  4. Yeah, I don't care for blacks either(trashy)...

  5. Well, Anonymous, coincidentally, the lady who was yelling at her kids was black and the two women eating everything in their cart were too. =p

  6. "I have respect for my elders, I really do. What I don't respect is an old person who thinks that I have to get down on my knees and kiss their feet"

    Oh my God! You are so right!! Marry me lol :) I ran into one of those ladies today. My husband stops me from saying anything, but I am so glad that you put it out there.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  7. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd