Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry."

Our oceans are dieing and tonight, Obama faces an angry American people who know he's been treating this as a non-important issue. Now, I am not a fan of our current president but I am not going to sit here and bash and blame him. Do I think he could have handled this better... yes. Do I think that his presidential address tonight is going to have an underline meaning of why we should push comprehensive energy reform...yes. And do I think that he is only doing something because he can't stand any negative press on his handling of the situation.... yes. But really, what do we expect the man to do now after weeks of leaking and very little being done, go out there with a bucket and strainer and scoop the oil up himself? Its time we, as a society, stop pointing fingers (even if they are in the right direction) and start coming up with a solution.
I sat here, tonight, and looked through pictures of this oil spill and cried. It made me want to hop on a plane and go down there and rescue every animal, fish, and plant in the ocean. Right now its mostly effecting the gulf, but what happens when it starts to really spread and go up the Atlantic coast? I was watching the news the other night with my husband and a segment on the oil spill came on. Some marine biologist that the news hired to do their research was talking about how the oil may creep up through the Atlantic and effect Virginia's coast. It seemed to be such a big deal to them because it may effect the tourist industry here! They weren't concerned about the wildlife or the beach. They were concerned about their own profit. It makes me sick! I wish people would stop thinking about themselves for once and start thinking about those that cant fend for themselves. Really, in the long run, its going to effect us. We are talking about an entire echo system of wildlife! 

(I also found this link that has a live feed of the leakage..... http://www.ustream.tv/pbsnewshour )


  1. I Completely understand your view, It is ridiculous how much we as people take things for granted in this world, we really don't know the meaning of things, (and even people!) until we start to lose them. I myself am a student who takes an active role in my schools Environmental committee and it is situations like these that really upset me, if we thought global warming was bad enough, lets kill off half the animals with a massive, quickly spreading oil spill.

  2. It makes me sick, really. I grew up along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida and it makes me really sad to think my son might not be able to experience the beauty that I did. It makes me sad to think the beautiful beaches and manatees and sea turtles that migrate along the coast might be killed off because of this. Manatees are a fast dieing population that has always had to worry about boaters and garbage and now they have to worry about this! Its ridiculous!

  3. I am honestly not watching the BP coverage. I don't think I can handle it. I feel sick to my stomach. These animals...their habitat. How dare we do this to them? We are worst than parasite at times